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Wondering where to buy a Server in Nairobi or elsewhere in Kenya? For the best Servers; HP DL380 8 Core Server,HP DL380 10 Core server,DL380 12 Core server , Dell T30 server,Dell T130 server,Dell R240 ,Dell R740 servers, Lenovo as well as other Servers products, contact Tetop Server dealers in Nairobi.Alternatively,you can shop online and have your preferred Server product delivered to a pick-up location near you anywhere in Kenya. Tetop is among the authorized Server shops in Nairobi with an exhaustive collection of Servers products at affordable prices.Furthermore,we offer same day delivery.

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Dell Poweredge L1100e-S0 1100W Power Supply

KSh 29,000.00

Dell PowerEdge R230 Intel Xeon E3-1220 V6 Server

KSh 143,999.00

Dell PowerEdge R240 Intel Xeon E-2124 Server

KSh 175,000.00

Dell PowerEdge R340 Rack Server

KSh 223,000.00

Dell PowerEdge R430 Intel Xeon E5-2609 V4 Server

KSh 291,000.00

Dell PowerEdge R440 16GB Ram 2TB Rack Server

KSh 314,000.00

Dell PowerEdge R440 Intel Xeon Silver 4110 Server

KSh 359,000.00

Dell Poweredge R730 Intel Xeon E5-2643 v4 3.4GHz 6 Core Server

KSh 365,000.00

Dell PowerEdge R740 16GB Rack Server

KSh 440,000.00

Dell PowerEdge R740 Intel Xeon 4110 Server

KSh 390,000.00

Dell PowerEdge T130 Intel Xeon E3-1220 V6 Server

KSh 120,000.00

Dell PowerEdge T30 Tower Server

KSh 87,000.00

Dell PowerEdge T40 Tower Server

KSh 102,000.00

Dell T140 Intel Xeon E2224 16GB 2TB Server

KSh 215,000.00

HP 1000W Server Power Supply

KSh 29,000.00

HP 460W Server Power Supply

KSh 24,100.00

HP 500W FS Hot Plug Gen9 Power Supply Kit

KSh 31,500.00

HP 750W Server Power Supply

KSh 30,900.00

HP 800W FS Plat Hot Plug power supply Kit

KSh 34,000.00

HP DL380 G7 Intel Xeon E5620 Processor Kit

KSh 45,200.00

HP DL380 Gen10 Intel Xeon gold 5118 Kit

KSh 245,000.00

HP DL380P Gen8 E5-2620 Processor Kit

KSh 60,000.00

HP ML350 G4 Server Power Supply

KSh 26,600.00

HP NC360-T PCI-E Dual Port Gigabit Server Card

KSh 25,400.00

HP NC364T PCI-E Quad Port Gigabit Server Adapter

KSh 37,200.00

HP Proliant DL20 Gen9 Intel v6 4 core server

KSh 170,000.00

HP ProLiant DL380 Gen10 8 Core Server

KSh 295,400.00

HP ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Intel Xeon 4110 8 Core Server

KSh 325,500.00

HP ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Intel Xeon 4114 10 Core server

KSh 390,000.00

HP ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Intel Xeon 5118 12 Core server

KSh 675,000.00

HP ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Intel Xeon 5218 16 Core Server

KSh 780,000.00

HP ProLiant G7 E7 Memory Riser Board

KSh 32,800.00

HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen10

KSh 95,000.00

HP Proliant ML30 Gen10 4 core server

KSh 140,000.00

HP Proliant ML350 Gen10 8 Core server

KSh 344,000.00

HP SAS 4x to Mini-SAS 4x cable

KSh 19,100.00

HPE 500W FS Plat Hot Plug Power Supply Kit

KSh 29,000.00

HPE 96W G9 Servers Smart Storage Battery

KSh 19,000.00

HPE DL380 Gen10 3106 Xeon-B Kit

KSh 77,400.00

HPE DL380 Gen10 4114 Xeon-S Kit

KSh 127,100.00