Can I return my order? Do I need to return gift? What cannot be returned? How do I return my order?

Before you return your order, kindly if it meets following conditions.

For the product to be returned it should:

1. be as a result of delivery of the wrong item that was not ordered for (Tetop shipped a different product from that specified during order confirmation).

2. As a result of receiving a package with some accessories missing

3. As a result of receiving a product that is faulty or dead on arrival.

4. Be having a problem with quality or a function issue which could be detect

5. There are also some other additional conditions related to different product categories, kindly check another article named “Are there any additional conditions for returning orders of different categories?”

When will i get feedback/refund if I apply for aftersale/ returned the goods?

For aftersale return& refund application:

1. The Help desk will deal with your application within 3 days. During these days, the Help desk will provide you a solution for aftersale.

2. Once the application approved, Tetop will inform you to return the items. Normally, this process will take about at least 7 days.

4. Tetop will inspect the quality of the item once received, then will decide to refund or not. 

5. You will receive the refund within 1-3 days usually if quality inspection passed. 

When will I receive the money after applying for refund?How long will I receive my refund?

Refund is done between 1-7 days.

1. If customer paid with Wallet/Mpesa then refund is done within 1 day after refund approval. 

2. If customer paid with other payment method , the cash refund is done around 3-7 days. 

3. Any voucher used will not be refunded.