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Wondering where to buy best Display Computer Monitors in Kenya? For best Display Monitors; Dahua, Hikvision,Samsung and related Monitor accessories, contact Tetop Monitor dealer shop in Nairobi and have your Monitor delivered. Tetop is among the leading Monitor dealers in Nairobi with an exhaustive collection of good quality display monitor at affordable prices.We do same day delivery. HP,Dell,Lenovo and many more monitors for sale in Nairobi, Kenya at a competitive price in Kenya from Tetop display computer monitor dealer shop.

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Dell 18.5 inch TFT monitor

KSh 17,000.00

Dell 19 inch LED Monitor

KSh 17,000.00

HP LV2011 20 inch Monitor

KSh 14,500.00

HP 24f 24 inch full HD monitor

KSh 25,000.00

HP 27fw 27 inch full HD IPS LCD monitor

KSh 29,500.00

HP 27VX 27 inch LED Backlit Monitor

KSh 41,500.00

HP Elite Display E243i 23.8 inch Monitor

KSh 35,000.00

HP EliteDisplay E221 21.5 inch Monitor

KSh 26,000.00

HP EliteDisplay E223 21.5 inch Monitor

KSh 28,000.00

HP EliteDisplay E233 23 inch Monitor

KSh 31,000.00

HP EliteDisplay E243 23.8 inch Monitor

KSh 30,000.00

HP EliteDisplay E271i 27 inch Backlit Monitor

KSh 49,000.00

HP EliteDisplay E273 27 inch Backlit Monitor

KSh 47,000.00

HP EliteDisplay E273Q 27 inch LED Monitor

KSh 62,000.00

HP Prodisplay P202 20 inch LED Monitor

KSh 17,500.00

HP V194 18.5 inch Monitor

KSh 15,000.00

HP V197 18.5 inch Monitor

KSh 11,000.00

HP V214a 20.7 inch Monitor

KSh 15,500.00

HP V320 31.5 inch Full HD Monitor

KSh 54,500.00

HP VH240a 23.8 inch LED Backlit Monitor

KSh 24,000.00

HP Z27n G2 27 inch Display Monitor

KSh 55,000.00

Lenovo LI2054 19.5 inch IPS LED monitor

KSh 12,500.00

Lenovo Li2054 19.5 inch Monitor

KSh 13,500.00

Lenovo LI2215s 21.5 inch Monitor

KSh 14,500.00

Lenovo S27i-10 Thinkvision 27inch Monitor

KSh 33,200.00

Lenovo Thinkpad T1714p 17 inch Monitor

KSh 14,000.00

Lenovo Thinkvision T24i 23.8 inch Monitor

KSh 33,000.00