Office supplies and printers in Kenya

Furnish your office with Office supplies and printers purchased from Tetop Office supplies and printers shop in Kenya. Printers, Scanner,Toner,Inks,Tapes and many more. We do same day delivery.

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Blank White PVC Plastic Cards

KSh 3,500

Brother DK-11201 Black on White tape

KSh 2,590

Brother DK-11208 Black on White tape

KSh 2,350

Brother DK-11209 Black on White tape

KSh 3,020

Brother DK-22205 Black on white tape

KSh 3,180

Brother DK-22210 Black on White tape

KSh 2,520

Brother DK-22214 Black on White tape

KSh 2,120

Brother DK-22243 Black on White tape

KSh 5,620

Brother M-721 9mm Black on Green tape

KSh 2,070

Brother M-731 12mm Black on Green tape

KSh 2,200

Brother M-821 9mm Black on Gold tape

KSh 2,070

Brother M-831 12mm Black on Gold tape

KSh 2,200

Brother M-E21 9mm Black on Pink tape

KSh 2,070

Brother M-K222 9mm Red on White tape

KSh 2,070

Brother M-K231 12mm Black on White tape

KSh 2,950

Brother M-K233 12mm Blue on White tape

KSh 2,200

Brother M-K621 9mm-Black on Yellow tape

KSh 2,070

Brother M-K631 12mm Black on Yellow tape

KSh 2,200

Brother PT-2700VP Label Printer

KSh 17,300

Brother PT-9700PC Label Printer

KSh 41,900