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For all of your Cisco Catalyst,Integrated Routers, Cisco PoE;Gigabit Switches,Cisco IP Phones,Access points,Cisco Aironet Firewall systems,Cisco modules and related Cisco accessories in Nairobi,Kenya from Tetop Cisco Networking Dealers in Kenya.We offer best Cisco router prices in Kenya

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Cisco 1841 Integrated Services Router

KSh 45,000.00

Cisco 1941/K9 Router-Switch

KSh 80,000.00

Cisco 2024-28 Port Gigabit Switch

KSh 34,000.00

Cisco 2811 Intergrated Router

KSh 64,000.00

Cisco 2901/K9 ISR G2 Router

KSh 117,000.00

Cisco 2911 Integrated Services Router

KSh 138,000.00

Cisco 2921 Integrated Services Router

KSh 190,000.00

Cisco 4221 Integrated Services Router

KSh 98,000.00

Cisco 4331 Integrated Services Router

KSh 137,500.00

Cisco 4331 ISR4431/K9 Integrated Services Router

KSh 180,000.00

Cisco 6921 Unified IP Phone

KSh 13,000.00

Cisco 7811 IP Phone

KSh 13,000.00

Cisco 7960G IP Telephone

KSh 18,000.00

Cisco 8811 IP Phone

KSh 22,500.00

Cisco 8851-K9 IP Phone

KSh 32,000.00

Cisco 8865NR IP Video Phone

KSh 36,000.00

Cisco Air SAP 1602E-C-K9 Access Point

KSh 50,000.00

CISCO AIR SAP 2602E-K9 Wireless Acess Point

KSh 54,000.00

Cisco AIR-CAP2702I-E-K9 Access Point

KSh 55,000.00

Cisco AIR-CAP3502I-E-K9 Aironet Access Point

KSh 60,000.00

Cisco Aironet 3602 Series Access Point

KSh 71,000.00

Cisco Aironet wireless AIR-CAP1602E-C-K9

KSh 50,000.00

Cisco ASA 5500-X ASA5506-K9 Firewall

KSh 65,000.00

Cisco ASA 5516-X Firewall

KSh 360,000.00

Cisco ASA5505-BUN-K9 Firewall

KSh 39,000.00

Cisco C2960-48TC-L Switch

KSh 107,000.00

Cisco C881/K9 Integrated Services Router

KSh 45,000.00

Cisco C891F-K9 Integrated Services Router

KSh 72,000.00

Cisco Catalyst 2960-24PC-L Switch

KSh 96,000.00

Cisco Catalyst 2960-24TT-L Switch

KSh 55,000.00

Cisco Catalyst 2960X-24PS-L Switch

KSh 155,000.00

Cisco Catalyst 3650-48PS-L Switch

KSh 320,000.00

Cisco Catalyst 3750G-24PS-S Switch

KSh 55,000.00

Cisco CP-7821-K9 IP Phone

KSh 15,500.00

Cisco CP-7841-K9 IP Phone

KSh 22,000.00

Cisco EHWIC 1GE-SFP WAN Interface Card

KSh 44,000.00

Cisco HWIC 2FE WAN Interface Card

KSh 44,000.00

Cisco HWIC- 4ESW 4 port WAN Interface Card

KSh 33,000.00

Cisco IP Phone 8841

KSh 26,000.00

Cisco ISR4321/K9 Router-Switch

KSh 98,500.00