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Buy Huawei Mobile Phones, Huawei Routers,Huawei Tablets,Huawei accessories as well as related Huawei products at reasonable prices in Nairobi,Kenya from Tetop Huawei dealers in Kenya. Having linked up with Huawei distributors in Kenya,we avail best Huawei products prices in Kenya In addition,we offer the same day delivery.

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Huawei 4G Router GSM Antenna

KSh 1,000.00

Huawei B311s-220 4G LTE Router

KSh 10,000.00

Huawei B315 4G Router

KSh 9,000.00

Huawei B593 LTE 4G Wireless Router

KSh 9,000.00

Huawei E5330 Mobile WiFi

KSh 5,500.00

Huawei E5573Cs Unlocked 4G LTE Router

KSh 7,000.00

Huawei E5573s-508 4G LTE Mobile Router

KSh 7,500.00

Huawei E8372 150Mbps 4G LTE Wifi Wingle Router

KSh 6,000.00

Huawei FT3110 GSM gateway

KSh 9,000.00

Huawei Nova 5t

KSh 34,500.00

Huawei Nova 7i

KSh 28,900.00

Huawei P30 Lite 6GB 128GB

KSh 27,000.00

Huawei Y5 2GB 32GB Prime 2019

KSh 10,000.00

Huawei Y6 2GB 32GB Prime 2019

KSh 16,000.00

Huawei Y6s Smartphone

KSh 14,000.00

Huawei Y7 Prime 64GB

KSh 16,000.00

Huawei Y7p Smartphone

KSh 18,000.00

Huawei Y8p Smartphone

KSh 23,800.00

Huawei Y9 prime 128gb

KSh 21,300.00

Telephone Cable 95M

KSh 3,000.00