Rexel Dealers in Nairobi,Kenya

Tetop is the leading Rexel dealer in Kenya. We have Rexel Cross cut shredders;Rexel AUTO+175 Cross Cut Shredder,Rexel AUTO+500 Cross Cut Shredder,Rexel Strip cut shredder; Rexel RDS2270 Strip Cut Shredder,Rexel WHISPER V30WS Strip Cut Shredder,Microcut shredders;Rexel REM 820 Micro Cut Shredder among others.We also deal in Rexel shredder oil. We process orders in time and we offer same day delivery.

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Rexel Momentum X420 cross cut Shredder

KSh 41,500.00

Rexel AUTO+ 60X Cross Cut Shredder

KSh 33,900.00

Rexel AUTO+ 80X Cross Cut Shredder

KSh 38,000.00

Rexel AUTO+100 Micro Cut Shredder

KSh 73,400.00

Rexel AUTO+100X Cross Cut Shredder

KSh 46,200.00

Rexel AUTO+175 Cross Cut Shredder

KSh 72,500.00

Rexel AUTO+500 Cross Cut Shredder

KSh 259,700.00

Rexel AUTO+750 Cross Cut Shredder

KSh 328,500.00

Rexel Momentum X415 cross cut Shredder

KSh 28,900.00

Rexel RDS2270 Strip Cut Shredder

KSh 137,500.00

Rexel REM 820 Micro Cut Shredder

KSh 40,200.00

Rexel RSX1632 Cross Cut Shredder

KSh 78,300.00

Rexel Shredder Oil 250ML

KSh 8,300.00

Rexel WHISPER V30WS Strip Cut Shredder

KSh 20,000.00

Rexel WHISPER V35WS cross cut Shredder

KSh 17,100.00