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Wondering where to purchase Transcend products in Nairobi or elsewhere in Kenya? For best Transcend products; Transcend External hard drives, Flash disks , DVD writers as well as related Transcend products, contact Tetop Transcend drives shop in Nairobi or shop online and have your preferred Transcend product delivered to a pick-up point near you anywhere in Kenya. Tetop is among the leading Transcend dealers in Nairobi with an exhaustive collection of  good quality Transcend products at affordable prices.We do same day delivery.

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Transcend 16GB OTG Flash drive

KSh 1,800.00

Transcend 1TB M.2 Internal SSD

KSh 18,500.00

Transcend 1TB SATA III 2.5 inch SSD

KSh 18,500.00

Transcend 1TB USB External Hard Drive

KSh 6,300.00

Transcend 256GB M.2 2242 SATA SSD

KSh 8,500.00

Transcend 256GB SATA III 2.5 inch SSD

KSh 8,500.00

Transcend 2TB USB External Hard Drive

KSh 10,500.00

Transcend 32GB Flash drive

KSh 1,800.00

Transcend 32GB OTG Flash drive

KSh 2,200.00

Transcend 512GB M.2 2242 SATA SSD

KSh 13,500.00

Transcend 512GB M.2 Internal SSD

KSh 13,500.00

Transcend 512GB SATA III 2.5 inch SSD

KSh 13,000.00

Transcend 64GB Flash drive

KSh 2,700.00

Transcend 64GB OTG Flash drive

KSh 3,200.00

Transcend Slim 8X DVD-R writer

KSh 4,000.00

Transcend StoreJet 25H3 4TB External hard drive

KSh 16,700.00